Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Turmoil amongst us in CC1

Ok, I think what Lil meant by that, is do you have faith in the system that we've developed for this group? I, for one, believe that this system will work, once it's set up and tested. It's not the system that is faulty, it's the people behind it. Right now, because it's new, no one knows what they can do, when they can do it, how they can do it, or even what the 'it' is that they want/need/feel should be done. This group has a foundation. A strong one. It's been shaken. It's been beat up on. But it's still there. That's how you know what you've set up is a lasting and true foundation, rather than just a half hearted tent thrown together in the middle of the storm. I can look at the remianing members, and know that this group is meaningful, and worth something. Not just because I like the members that are here, but because they were strong enough to stay. Because they looked thru the troubles that we have had, and have found the true meaning of this group. This group isn't about everyone being friends, or about everyone being nice. It's about CC1 being YOUR chat room. This isn't Lil's group. It's OUR group. From people who've been here for years like Billy, on down to our newest prostpect, Hang. This is his group. This is Billy's group. This is CC1's group. To those that have left our group, should they realise that leaveing wasn't something they should have done, and come back, then it's one more loyal and tru member added to the backbone of this group. Because, honestly, the members are the backbone of this group. And if some members don't come back because they can't cut the mustard of supporting this group when it needs their support the most, then we were better off filling our ranks with people who can. I know, I'm rambleing, however, I'm extremely disappointed in some of the now gone members. I feel like they stayed long enough to help wreak havok, and then left when they couldn't deal with the crap they started. And I'm saddened to think that people are hurt because of it.

Ok, I'll leave off with this. I'm proud of this group. This is MY group. and I'll not leave because of some unfortunate events that shook the foundation. Rather, I'll find the cracks in the foundation, seal them up, so that this won't happen again.

Once again, to our standing members,Thank you so very much, for your support.
Cali Stryker.

Thoughts in Miss Megumi's mind @ 3:09 PM


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