Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Good Morning.

Ah yes. Finally. A day off. Now, what to do with it? LOL. I can a) sit here depressed all day, listening to sad music and cry all day. Or b) I can talk to someone I love, who I know will make me smile. Or c) I can do b, and go out with a friend tonight at 5pm. I pick C. Funny, I actually feel better after not being in chat for awhile. I guess chat was making me more depressed than I thought. That, and work has me upset. I'm working alternating 10 and 12 hour shifts. Unlimited ot is wonderful. However, I am a little upset.I think they fired my boss. He's a good boss, not an ass like most people. He knows what I'm capable of, after all, we both went thru the same training. I honestly think he got fired because he let me do stuff that he wasn't suppose to let me do. I'm not sure tho. I need to call him and find out. I think I'll do that. Right now. LOL. Now I know what I'm gonna do with my day. *grins*

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