Friday, June 25, 2004


Ok, I'm exhausted. Just flat exhausted. But I have to type this out. For some reason, I've been thinking of someone all day. So, I'll now take the time to tell you about them. LOL. Because I know aaaaaaaall of you people want to know. Ok, when I was 18 I had two very good friends. One named Rosetta, and one named Margaret. Now, Margaret was the type of woman that just had to smile and your day would be better. Well, 3 days after my 20'th birthday, she was killed. Rose and Mart were going to alb. In my car. Rose, being stupid, was passing a loaded feed truck on a no passing part of highway at a speed of 84 miles per hour. The feed truck turned into the passenger side of the car, where mart was sitting. Mart died instantly. Rose had nary a scratch. My car was totaled.I've been thinking of mart all day. God I miss her. She was such a wonderful woman. *sigh* my head is pounding. I think I'll go to bed. Tomorrow, I'm going to put a song up that reminds me of Mart. The song is called 'Think of Laura', and it's by Christopher Cross. I'll post the song, and the words tomorrow. For now, good night all. Hugs and kisses. *smiles*

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