Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Starting Again?

A good many things have changed since I last wrote. I was with a guy named Damian. Now I'm with a guy named James. It's a big change from the things you guys last knew, right?

I'm certainly not as depressed as I was before, though I will always fight depression itself.

Let me start off from the beginning.......

I stopped writing over here and kinda stopped writing completely because Damian and I were having problems. Worse problems than I had origionally ever admitted to anyone. He and I moved. We lived there for a year, and things between us just got steadily worse. He continued to not work, not even looking for a job. He also continued messing around online with various women. I finally had enough March of this year ('07) and he and I agreed he would move out.

October came around and I was still waiting for him to move out.

Needless to say, November came around and I had a place of my own. From there is where I write. It's a nice little two bedroom house with a good sized yard right next to a church... and I love it.

I dated a couple guys and none of them panned out. Seems I still run off everyone I know, for the most part. Then I met James. James is wonderful. He's kind, smart and funny. He makes me laugh when I'm grumpy and pulls me in his arms when I'm upset. He's not going anywhere, so far....(thank goodness!)

James is some of the things Damian was, and a lot of the things Damian wasn't. James refuses to not work. If he isn't working, he's cleaning the house, doing dishes and taking care of me and the dogs. He also refuses to let me wear myself out trying to carry all of the burden of working and paying the bills.

He also has wonderful communication skills. We talk. We listen. We laugh and we work together toward fixing our problems.

That's something Damian and I never did.

Anyway, I don't know if I'll be writing more here or on my other blog. I do know that I've kinda stopped writing very regularly because I'm busy. James and I have so much to do in our spare time that we don't really get on the computer. Who knows, though, right?!

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